July 20, 2013

Alfred Skimmy the DIRECTORS CUT ...OHHHHH!

Here is the new version of my Alfred Skimmy short 'Catch of the day' that I never posted on my blog.
This new version has a different intro to the original and some minor sound effect issues fixed.

The old original version of the film was quickly made in time for a animation competition.
To let you know how madly I rushed to get it finished, the wind sound effect starting at 1m:19s  is me literally blowing into my computer microphone and recording it just 20 min before the competition deadline.
I rendered the whole film 10 min before the deadline, and uploaded all of it right on the dot of the 5:00 deadline.
I didn't win the competition in the end but I was over the moon that I finally got to make one of these.  Not bad for 2 weeks work and zero budget.

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