December 30, 2013

More interactive fun

Here is a glimpse of some interactive / animation stuff  I've been playing with, I made this in early 2012.
Does this mean I'm making something interactive in the future??!!!   mmmmmmmmm....Maybe.

December 11, 2013

Soya awards night in Sydney and Animal Logic visit

Last week was the big awards night for the Qantas Spirit of youth awards and also the one week of the year that I decided to get the flu!  Funny how that happens.  But that didn't stop me from having a great time.
My Soya mentor Marco Marenghi came down from L.A to present the trophy which I was really grateful for, it was a pleasure to meet him up close and personal and talk animation.
Marco has had quite a career in animation working as head of animation on films like Green Lantern, I am Legend and Alice in Wonderland just to name a few.

                                                    Marco Marenghi and Peter Lowey

Marco presenting the award

                                                        Inside Sydney Fox Studios

After the awards night I spent 3 days visiting Animal Logic Studios who are busy wrapping up production on The Lego Movie which is coming out early 2014.  I can't talk about much, but the Lego movie looks amazing as well does the new secret projects they have in the works.

Most of my time there was spent under the wing of CGI legend Rob Coleman who is known for his animation Director work on all three of the Star Wars prequel films as well as other big films like The Mask and Men in Black, he also spent many years working at ILM.

Peter Lowey and Rob Coleman (notice the ILM shirt)

I was fortunate to spent a lot of time with Rob, he taught me quite a bit during my time there, from watching him Direct a team of animators to his advice on scheduling production and working with others.  He said that being a Director is also like being a part time psychologist.  I can imagine that being true to direct a bunch of animators.

His other great advice was from his experience with working with George Lucas, which was that it's sometimes best to sit back in the background , be quiet and listen, and that doing that helped him get hired by George.

I also spent time with Grant Freckelton (Production Designer on Lego Movie) who was in the last mad rush of days before deadline for The Lego Movie.  Watching Grants strong work ethic and his eagle eye for the slightest imperfection on the screen was pretty amazing to watch.
Big thanks to Animal Logic for having me as a guest and seeing all the great work they are doing.

August 19, 2013

Winner of the SOYA Animation award 2013

I had some good news come my way the other day when I found out I had won the SOYA Animation award here in Australia.  Part of the prize includes $5,000 Qantas flying voucher to travel anywhere for work purposes to further my career and a mentorship with Marco Marenghi, Supervising Animator on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

So big thanks to SOYA, what a amazing prize!  I can't wait to go jetting off overseas in the near future.  Just haven't figured out where to go yet.

July 20, 2013

Alfred Skimmy the DIRECTORS CUT ...OHHHHH!

Here is the new version of my Alfred Skimmy short 'Catch of the day' that I never posted on my blog.
This new version has a different intro to the original and some minor sound effect issues fixed.

The old original version of the film was quickly made in time for a animation competition.
To let you know how madly I rushed to get it finished, the wind sound effect starting at 1m:19s  is me literally blowing into my computer microphone and recording it just 20 min before the competition deadline.
I rendered the whole film 10 min before the deadline, and uploaded all of it right on the dot of the 5:00 deadline.
I didn't win the competition in the end but I was over the moon that I finally got to make one of these.  Not bad for 2 weeks work and zero budget.

May 15, 2013

Old photo

I found this old photo of me and my bible , back when I was a kid.

January 27, 2013

Animated tablet app test

Here is a little Interactive animation test I did late last year.  A kind of Bee & Bear meets the 3 stooges.  I only know simple coding (thanks to Stewart Haines ) so it was all I could muster, but was enjoyable enough for me to maybe want to work on an actual project, one day.

Until I find a coder to possibly collab with its all just inanimate images and floaty ideas.
But as Confucius say, "If an app gets made and nobody buys it, was it really worth all the bloody effort?"
...Im sure Confucius would recommend a marketing budget.