October 30, 2012

Vote for Skimmy!

I made a little Alfred Skimmy animation for the Sydney graphic competition.  Watch and Vote for my ~Alfred Skimmy's catch of the day~ film at http://www.youtube.com/sohcompetitions in the vote section. If i win, it will give me money to make more Alfred Skimmy animations. (Voting ends on 2nd Nov.)

October 16, 2012

Alfred Skimmy COMING sooooooooon

Alfred Skimmy , you may know him from an animation that hasn't been made yet, will be making a return!......for the first TIME,   in a new short called 'Catch of the day.'
The story has been written, voices have been recorded.
Expected release, by the end of this month if  i can work with no sleep for about 2 weeks.
COMING soooooooon.

October 2, 2012

Character design

In production on a little animation im making on the side.
Heres some character design.