December 25, 2012

Alfred Skimmy celebrates Christmas

Enjoy the latest Alfred Skimmy short i made... and just only made it in time for Christmas by a few hours.  :)  

October 30, 2012

Vote for Skimmy!

I made a little Alfred Skimmy animation for the Sydney graphic competition.  Watch and Vote for my ~Alfred Skimmy's catch of the day~ film at in the vote section. If i win, it will give me money to make more Alfred Skimmy animations. (Voting ends on 2nd Nov.)

October 16, 2012

Alfred Skimmy COMING sooooooooon

Alfred Skimmy , you may know him from an animation that hasn't been made yet, will be making a return!......for the first TIME,   in a new short called 'Catch of the day.'
The story has been written, voices have been recorded.
Expected release, by the end of this month if  i can work with no sleep for about 2 weeks.
COMING soooooooon.

October 2, 2012

Character design

In production on a little animation im making on the side.
Heres some character design.

August 15, 2012

Gotye - 'Save me' Offical music video

I recently had the pleasure of Directing and Animating the music video for Gotye's 'Save me' 
You can watch it below.
I've turned into a Gotye fan after listening to more of his songs.  Great lyrics. Great voice.

Gotye 'Save me' music video

August 4, 2012

Concept images for new animation

In my spare time ive been working on a new fun animation lately .  Here are some concept drawings i have done for it.  Ill be putting the finished animation on the net in the next few months.  

May 5, 2012

Sidewalk and Polo at St Kilda film festival

Screening dates in Melbourne, Australia

Palais Theatre (Opening night)
The Astor Theatre                    


Screening dates in Melbourne, Australia


Art vs Science 'With thoughts' music video is playing at the Stuttgart International animation festival in Germany.
Sidewalk scribble also recently played at the Shadow Electric Film Festival and Polo's Robot played at the New York international childrens film festival.



It feels real good to go back to drawing again.  Working on just 1 drawing is much much much easier then working on thousands of drawings!   I think ill be doing a lot more drawings soon.

This is the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gilard.