July 8, 2010

Polo's Robot : How it moves

This clip shows the process that was involved to create just one shot from the film 'Polo's Robot.'
Different stages:
1)  Rough animation done on flash, with a wacom tablet.
2) Cleaning up the rough animation,  using a top layer in flash i would trace each rough drawing with a clean drawing.
3) Image of the eye is added and moved inside the eyeball using tweening in flash.
4) Animation is colored, shading of the character is animated over the top of the character (that is one hell of a job)  and backgrounds are added.
5) Compositing effects, such as lighting, color changes, shadows and eye effects are added to the shot using the program After effects.
6) And then i sleep for a month.

In all, there were 130 shots in 'Polo's Robot'  enough to sent me to a Asylum.

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