July 8, 2010

Let me introduce you to Alfred Skimmy

This is Alfred Skimmy.
Behind his traumatised face is a lovable human that just wants to give you a inappropriate hug.

He is a charmingly simple minded, and disturbed fella but with a big heart.
He aint too bright, but he tries his best.  He is misunderstood by the cruel world around him and means no wrong, but for some reason he always seems to get into the biggest pile of sh%t trouble you ever seen.

Unable to afford a nice quiet home he lives in a cheap run-down building in the noisiest and most dangerous areas in the city while  surviving on a disability pension because of his mild obsession disorder.
But dont let that discourage you from him,  he only blew up that child care centre by accident.

Every now and then i come back to this character, coming up with ideas for a script.
The big picture for this is to make a short pilot episode, around 3 min long and see if i can get something started,  i think he has a lot of potential.
By any chance if any cartoon-'Jack Warner'-T.V moguls are out there reading this and want to fund it........... drop me a line. 

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