July 8, 2010

It just wouldn't be a Peter Lowey blog without a Fantasia clip

One of my favorite clips from Fantasia.
Fantasia is one of the greatest animated films ever made in my opinion, maybe even one of the greatest films. To this day the film still inspires me.
It's amazing to think that this was made in the early 1940s!!! 1940s!!!!???

Disney were so far ahead at the time, the films concept was wildly innovative and original, creatively it was a masterpiece but it was also commercially risky for Walt and in the end it was a box office flop. After that, the studio never had the balls to try something like it again.

But i think it was Walt Disneys peak as a artistic genius. From then it all went down hill.
Disney Studios never did anything innovative or ground breaking in animation until Toy Story came along.

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