January 30, 2016

Character design pitch for Simon the Sorcerer

This is a character design proposal I did for Story beasts when they were considering me as animator / designer for their new Simon the Sorcerer game, between worlds.  I was pushing for the game to have a similar design style to monkey Island 3 with quality 2D traditional animation (One of my favourite adventure games).  But they didn't go with it in the end.
I really liked the design I came up with so thought I would post it

September 26, 2015

Spiders animation - Triptank

Heyyy!  This is a segment I designed & animated for Triptank season 2 on Comedy Central.
It has lots of character animation in it and features the voice of Tom Lennon from Reno 911.

For anyone who can't view this video because of ''video not available in your country'' 
You can view the video at link below: